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Grand Opening!
 The R.S.S. (Rams’ School Store) opens this week!  This mini-mart-on-a-cart, created and run by middle school students, offers school and office supplies, such as notebooks, pencils, rulers, and folders to keep our Rams organized and prepared to learn, as well as snacks to ward off those frequent hunger pangs.  Stay tuned to for special sales, customer loyalty programs and opportunities to win free merch!  Finally, students on the Inventory and Finance Team will consider customer feedback when making their next purchase order to be certain that The R.S.S. provides products that will sell, that will satisfy and that will please our clients.
Robot Commander   
 robot commander
Kaitlyn Truitt, Courtney Howald, John Dunwoody, Taylor Evans, Holly Trujillo, Kacey Rhoades, Kaleb Voisin, Mr. Voisin, Mason Stoll, Shad Kittle and Brooke Longman
printer   robot
Robot Commander's 3D printer purchased with a grant from 
   3D Systems and Coca-Cola